What Haute Couture really is the fashion world

Not because the tailor at the corner says that haute couture is true, just as not any dentist is an expert in cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana, there are also certain rules for a dress to be truly Haute Couture, this is actually unknown by Many people so the term tends to be used lightly.

But this article will explain a little about the industry and the world of fashion since at first it may seem a quite complex universe, especially for people who do not work or attend such events. Although our country, as a producer of trends, is still growing compared to nations like France that strictly protect their creators with laws and appellations of origin that ensure that their art is protected before the whole world. So we can say that Haute Couture, is the most exclusive way to make a dress, is a protected term in the French nation and only a specially selected group of designers can make use of this category.

Well since we understood what this term really means and what it entails then you may wonder what a brand has to do to be considered haute couture. One of the main requirements, so to speak, is that they must present a collection for spring-summer and another for autumn-winter, in addition to having a minimum of 50 exclusive designs and they must be made from scratch, that is they must have the outline of where they were born. . As if this were not enough, the parades of these collections must be made in Paris.

The pieces must also be made entirely by hand, with an impeccable backhand. That is why, among so many other things, these pieces are really expensive and luxurious, not only because they come from a recognized designer and are unique pieces, but they are made by hand with many hours of work. This continues to be one of the pillars of this industry and is imitated by many other brands worldwide.

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