The Importance Of The Nose Is The Beauty Of The Face

The beauty of a face is an abstract concept related to symmetry, balance and the harmonious relationship between its different segments. A plastic-aesthetic surgeon or an artist experienced in observation and facial analysis can quickly detect the problem. If you think your face is beautiful but your nose does not match, you can make the decision to fix your nose with a plastic surgery especially nose job in Tijuana Mexico.

Although there are certain rules and measurements to evaluate the face, these do not always provide an infallible formula, and although anthropometric measurements can give us an orientation about a facial defect, it may be that in that face with a different ethnic or cultural framework there are variations that can be considered beautiful, this is where the experience of the plastic and aesthetic surgeon becomes more apparent, guiding the patient on what can best be left in that face.

The face must be examined at rest and also in motion; The balance of the facial components is important. We must observe the general aspect of it and determine asymmetries, and assess the nose in its context. A long nose may be disproportionate on a small face, but not on an angular and elongated face.

The nose represents an aesthetic facial unit, located centrally between other aesthetic units of the face. It is necessary a very clear knowledge about its anatomy and physiology to understand the dynamic relationship between shape and function of the nose, since this organ is mainly respiratory and olfactory, which always has to be taken into account when considering any surgery aesthetics about it, and if there is a functional problem, try to correct it at the same time.

Various valuations

You have to assess the nose in front, profile and from a perspective that guides us on the existence or not of deviations.

In addition, the corrections project to which the patient is submitted must be established according to their own wishes, but we must know how to stop those that are unreasonable and we must take into account the local conditions, particularly the state of the skin, and the osteocartilaginous structure on which it is based.

In any planned or projected correction, it is necessary to consider the nasal pyramid as a building that has an osteo-cartilaginous framework of varying shape and resistance, which is wrapped by a cutaneous covering; The elasticity and characteristics of this skin have to be taken into account when planning this surgery. The specialist, based on this information, can determine the alterations that each case presents.

Planned adventure

Rhinoplasty remains unique, and the preoperative planning of each procedure can be established with great accuracy, establishing its exact anatomy. With a precise analysis, few surprises will be found during the surgical procedure. Each rhinoplasty is a fully planned adventure, in which similar, but often different, techniques are required to achieve the desired result. The personal technical skill and knowledge of the surgeon is as important as the skill acquired to imagine or visualize the final result proposed, and to achieve a balance between the ideal aesthetic norm, the facial features and the aesthetic needs of each patient.

Contrary to the trends of a few decades ago, resections of osteocartilaginous nasal structures should be discrete and we almost always look for more, refine the nose, than modify it, preserving or restoring normal physiology and avoiding unnecessary dissections. he is increasingly aware of it and does not expect big changes, but a harmonious result to his face.

Therefore, a good nose surgeon must be very skilled, but also flexible, agile and innovative, possessing knowledge of various approaches and surgical techniques that allow you to successfully handle the different anatomical variations found.

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