How To Create A Good First Impression On A Woman

Do you spend hours in the gym to achieve a stunning body and attract the attention of women? I’m sorry to tell you but that’s not the first thing that attracts women to man.
A study has revealed that the first thing that women see in a man who crosses their faces in the street is their eyes, so look in the mirror and think how can I improve my look? A mask for the dark circles maybe, curl your eyelashes or even shape to your eyebrows are just a few steps that will enhance your look. However, the eyes are not the only thing they look for in a man, we will show you what else you can improve:
The smile, it does not matter that you are serious, when you smile you must be sure that you have cleaned your teeth very well and not only that, if you have crooked teeth, even a broken or rotten tooth, I am sorry to tell you but you are automatically discarded, women love teeth complete and white, invest in you and look with cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana.
Height, this is very important because psychologically women look for someone higher than them, you can blame society, stigmas but it is the truth, if the girl you like is short you have already won, if she is taller than you, you can try with platforms or doing a high hairstyle.
The hands, yes darling, you better start taking care of your hands, use sunscreen and moisturizers, because they love healthy and strong hands.
The style, you can have all the above but if you do not have good style they will never listen to you, the style is not only your way of dressing, it covers more: from your way of speaking, your nonverbal language and your posture. Everyone has a different style, but start by acting respectful and show self confidence.
If you do not have any of the above mentioned qualities and you do not want to make an effort, do not worry, the right woman or man will arrive for you and will love you as you are, with all your flaws.

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